Friday, July 5, 2013

Setting UP House

Well I'm here
standing in the middle of computer land...
wondering what direction to go
in this large land...
wanting to make so many changes.
but not sure what to do...
I have "HOPE"
that I will succeed ...
It might take me a little longer than others,
plus I have "Faith" &
I'll just take 1 step at a time...

3 before thee, were
similar in a lot of ways
but wanting to bring out
their own styles...

Well I'm reaching out to U,
out there in "Blog" Land...
asking for direction & pointers
on what you did
to get where you are...


I guess you can say
I'm stepping into a blog home
that I want to call my own...

sWEeT dREaMs,
mIzZ bEe


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

mIzZ bEe sWEeT dREaMs the bEegInnIng...

~mIzZ bEe sWEeT dREaMs~
the beginning of a new blog
"NO" it's not the first, it's the 4th...
What's the saying,
"If at 1st you don't succeed,
try, try again."
It seem that the blogs before,
just didn't fit...
all in all they all had one thing in common,
they were all linked to mIzZ bEe...
mIzZ bEe that's ME,
a middle age gal with a quirky funny sense of style & humor...
A young at heART kind of gal,
wanting to take on the world's problems & 
helping in anyway that I can...
A gal who has many many ideas,
buzzin' around through my mind...
projects to try to do, places to see,
family & friends to visit,
And "dREaMs" to achieve...
With that said, 
comes the ending of my 1st post of my 4th blog.
But understand never never give up!!!
even if something isn't a perfect fit,
there is always a different size to try on.
So feel free to stop on by,
sWEeT dREaMs...
mIzZ bEe