Friday, July 5, 2013

Setting UP House

Well I'm here
standing in the middle of computer land...
wondering what direction to go
in this large land...
wanting to make so many changes.
but not sure what to do...
I have "HOPE"
that I will succeed ...
It might take me a little longer than others,
plus I have "Faith" &
I'll just take 1 step at a time...

3 before thee, were
similar in a lot of ways
but wanting to bring out
their own styles...

Well I'm reaching out to U,
out there in "Blog" Land...
asking for direction & pointers
on what you did
to get where you are...


I guess you can say
I'm stepping into a blog home
that I want to call my own...

sWEeT dREaMs,
mIzZ bEe



  1. Best wishes on your bloggy adventures! Love your pics and that little house is darling!

  2. Hey Marlene! :)
    Geez... Aaron and I contemplate blogland daily! So many of our blog friends that were blogging back in 06 and 07 gave it up and moved on to just using facebook. In a way facebook killed blogs. Sure it helps to network with so many all in one place, not having to wait for the visits. And a lot of times we get a nice discussion going, but having a blog of your very own is your real deal home on the huge web! Looking back to 2007 any random post would get about 35-50 comments. Now that interaction happens on facebook. There are so many types of blogs these days. Wayyyy more than back then. Take the time to look around, explore, check in with old faves, and find new faves. Don't put any pressure on yourself. Ask yourself...why do you blog? why do you want to blog? go from there. Bloglovin is great as a directory of sorts. It suggests blogs for every blog you follow. Broken down into categories. Geez I could go on and on about this stuff. I'd just say...take your time...really think about what you want out of your blog and what you want to offer.

    Good luck!! I look forward to reading!!
    XO Jenny

    1. thanks jenny... I going to take you advise and explore... take tours around blog land and see what's out there... write down the questions that you put out there and list the reasons & WHYS I want to do this... definitely not going to put pressure on myself.. going to look in to bloglovin .... thanks for taking the time and giving me some pointers they really mean a lot to me...

      have a honey of a night ~ sWEeT dREaMs,
      Marlene ;O) xox